New Mira Grant books announced!

Orbit has announced they have acquired seven new books from Mira Grant!! I am so excited you guys! SEVEN BOOKS.

Mira Grant (a pseudonym of Seanan McGuire) created one of my very favourite zombie worlds in the Newsflesh trilogy (Feed, Deadline and Blackout). If you’ve seen my Goodreads shelves, you’ll notice this series is one of the few I have given 5 stars. This particular zombie apocalypse hits the USA in the summer of 2014 so we should probably all be on the look out for shambling corpses trying to nom our foreheads in the next couple of months. 😉

As Orbit’s announcement says, out of the seven books there will be one novel and four novellas set in the world of Newsflesh. There are already three novellas out besides the trilogy – one of which is set in Australia which is awesome and I am totally unbiased about.

There is also a third book coming in Grant’s latest series ‘Parasitology’. I have the first book ‘Parasite’ waiting for me on one of my bookcases so I’ll let you know what I think about it ASAP. The seventh book will be a new novel which Orbit and Grant only say “will be an adventure!” but I’m pretty stoked for more of anything from Mira Grant!

If you haven’t read any of Mira Grant’s books I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Feed!


Closure Limited and Other Zombie Tales – Max Brooks

Closure Limited and Other Zombie Tales by Max Brooks. Alternate cover.Coming in at a baby 124 pages, Max Brook’s collection of four short stories continues on from the amazing World War Z. It took me a while to pick up a copy of this, only because it was initially retailing at around $20 at my local bookstore and I couldn’t justify spending that much on a tiny book, even if its predecessor is one of my all time favourite novels.

I came to this with pretty high expectations. Of the four stories, I most enjoyed ‘The Extinction Parade’, by far the longest in the book, where Brooks adds vampires to his undead legions. I really liked the way he built their community and that it could be read as inhabiting the same world as World War Z or another one entirely.

‘Closure Limited’ and ‘Great Wall’ both fit well with his previous novel and are enjoyable reads but ‘Steve and Fred’ left me cold. It just felt like a bit of a nothing story to me, more of a place filler. It contrasts the thrilling ‘fictional’ world of zombies and the harsh ‘reality’ of Brook’s universe but there’s no pay off (which, to be fair, might be the point).

All in all it’s an okay read but you’re not missing anything if you skip this offering from Brooks.

3 stars

Similar Reads: World War Z by Max Brooks, FEED by Mira Grant.

Closure Limited and Other Zombie Tales was published in 2012 by Duckworth Overlook. ISBN 978-0715642931.