Maybe I Have a Problem?? (or More Covers)

So I’ve been making a few of these the last couple of days. Housemate Jade is pretty convinced I have some kind of addiction right now. <.<;;

Coralyn is the other half of our Adelaide Nano blogging team and our Not-So-Resident e-ML. She’s up in BrisVegas this year but has refused to swap her region over because we’re all so totally awesome in Adelaide. 😄

Midori Cover Coralyn

Housemate Jade has been working on Mythicals for a couple of Nanos now and it features the fictional couple of my heart: Adelaide and (Agent) Jones, pictured below by the v. beautiful Emma Stone and Jenson Button.

Mythicals Cover Jade Daniel


I also decided to redo my own Nano cover since the first one I did in about five minutes and I wasn’t really happy with the font. Hopefully I can come up with a better title during November! Only a couple more days until Nanowrimo!


Tidal Force Cover 2


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