Maybe I Have a Problem?? (or More Covers)

So I’ve been making a few of these the last couple of days. Housemate Jade is pretty convinced I have some kind of addiction right now. <.<;;

Coralyn is the other half of our Adelaide Nano blogging team and our Not-So-Resident e-ML. She’s up in BrisVegas this year but has refused to swap her region over because we’re all so totally awesome in Adelaide. XD

Midori Cover Coralyn

Housemate Jade has been working on Mythicals for a couple of Nanos now and it features the fictional couple of my heart: Adelaide and (Agent) Jones, pictured below by the v. beautiful Emma Stone and Jenson Button.

Mythicals Cover Jade Daniel


I also decided to redo my own Nano cover since the first one I did in about five minutes and I wasn’t really happy with the font. Hopefully I can come up with a better title during November! Only a couple more days until Nanowrimo!


Tidal Force Cover 2


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