The Most Important Part of Moving House (aka Organising My Bookshelves)

TBR YAFinally getting my bookcases sorted out after moving! Usually I like to have my books sorted by genre and then alphabetically by author but since moving in with Jade I’ve lost some shelf space. I’ve also acquired a lot of books from some friends recently. As a consequence, most of my shelves are now double stacked.

I was trying to work out how I was going to organise everything for ages but I think I’ve finally hit on the best solution! I’m still sorting everything by genre and alphabetically but I’ve decided to split my collections so all the books I haven’t read yet (which there are a lot of… >.<) are all at the front.

The picture is my new, shiny, organised YA collection! (Click to enlarge if you like to stalk bookcases like me!) I had figured that my YA collection was split about 50/50 with books I had and hadn’t read so I was pleasantly surprised to see I actually had just over a shelf of extra space on the unread side of things. I’m pretty sure I won’t have a heap of space left over on my other genre bookcases.

I’ve been told I need to get a move on and read Earth Girl and The 5th Wave. I’m also really looking forward to Matched, Quiver and City of a Thousand Dolls. Anything you’ve read and loved on these shelves? Or hated? Let me know in the comments!


Worst Person Ever!

Hey readers! I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated. Sorry about that!

Basically how I imagine you guys? <.<;;

Basically how I imagine you guys feeling?? <.<;;

I’ve had a lot going on in my life the last few months including moving house and starting a new project with my housemate and partner in crime! I’m hoping to be back on deck a lot more regularly now, even if it’s only to post photos of what new books I’ve bought (spoilers: it’s been a lot since May). I thought in the mean time I would share a couple of book reviews I’ve written for the aforementioned new project!

Housemate and Partner in Crime Jade and I have created a new blog called ZOMG! We write about anything and everything to do with zombies, disasters and dystopia; books, movies, TV, games and anything else we feel like! If that sounds like it’s up your alley, come check it out. We love new readers!

So, reviews! I haven’t been entirely slack! BEHOLD!!

obernewtynYou can read my full review of Obernewtyn here.


FEEDYou can read my full review of FEED here.